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Kathleen Connolly: Missing Pennsylvania mother

Kathleen Connolly

Update:  Police possibly digging in yard.  Click here to read.

Police are searching for a missing West Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania woman.

Kathleen M. Connolly, 24, has been missing for over two weeks.  She just recently moved from New York, and was living with her boyfriend in West Hempfield, which is near Lancaster, for about 6 months. 

After Kathleen went missing, her boyfriend took their children back to New York. 

Kathleen left her belongings and her car behind. 

Kathleen works at the QVC warehouse and was last seen around July 7.  She has been described as a caring mother and well liked.

If you have any information, please contact the police at 1-800-957-2677.

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