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Is missing Ray Gricar in jail in Utah?

Click here to read the latest story about Gricar and Sandusky.

Update: The AP reported that authorities have determined the man is not Ray Gricar, but Phillip T. Beavers of New Mexico. Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said in an email to the AP that the man was identified by his brother.

I just wrote an article about this yesterday and then this pops up today.

The sheriff’s office in Provo, Utah, arrested a man for trespassing and now they are wondering if it could be missing DA Ray Gricar.

Ray Gricar, disappeared in April 2005 (read story here) and was just declared legally dead yesterday.

The man has refused to tell anyone who he is after he was picked up for trespassing in a Provo parking garage on July 1.  He will remain in jail  until he identifies himself.

So, what do you think?  Ray Gricar or not?  Compare the ears on the above picture.

4 thoughts on “Is missing Ray Gricar in jail in Utah?

  1. it COULD be Ray Gricar.. i guess… so hard to tell! I am leaning towards thinking it's NOT him…. but it sure is suspicious. Hope we find out soon and I hope for the Gricar family too!

  2. Can they not do a DNA swab? They do have the same right ear, though!

  3. I know, right? Ray's kids probably could identify him positively. It may be too uncomfortable to ask them to do that.

  4. What about fingerprints? If he was a DA surely his prints are on file. Or could at the least be obtained, right?
    I find the chin, hairline are alike in both pictures.
    But the younger man has vertical lines between his eyes which would have probably gotten worse (maybe not) and the older man has horizontal lines in his forehead that I can't really see in the younger man.

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