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Mariha Smith: Aunt fails lie detector test

The aunt of the missing 5-year-old whose remains were likely found in an abandoned burned house, has not passed the lie detector test that the family was asked to take.

Konesha Smith, 24, the mother of Mariha Trenice Smith, (see story) who was last seen sleeping on the floor of her aunt’s home, has told the media that her sister, Virginia Smith is still in custody of the police, because she failed the lie detector test.

Although she does not know the specific, she does know she failed and has not returned home, and has been at the police station since Monday.

The Medical Examiner’s office has ruled that he body that the police believe belongs to Mariha, died from Asphyxia before the fire was set.

New news is that a male was seen purchasing a small amount of gas around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday morning from a BP station that is two blocks from the burned house. 

The police are going over the store surveillance videos.

If you have any information on this case, please call the Detroit police at 313-596-5900.

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