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Ray Gricar: Pronounced legally dead after missing for six years

Ray Gricar

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Here’s an interesting story I found today about Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, who was 59 when he disappeared in April, 2005. 

The story has resurfaced from the archives today because a Pennsylvania Judge declared him officially dead. 

The facts surrounding this case are very interesting, and you can’t help but want to juggle the three theories of what happened to him, around in your mind.

Ray told his girlfriend he was going for a drive and he never returned home.

Ray’s car was found at an antiques market in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  What was peculiar was there was a small amount of cigarette ash inside the car AND when the car door was opened there was a cigarette smell inside, and Ray didn’t smoke.

Three months later his laptop was found in the river with the hard drive removed.  Then three months after that,  the hard drive was found.  It was too damaged to be able to retrieve any information, assuming there was any information to retrieve.

Ray’s girlfriend said Ray had talked about buying a program to clean the county-issued hard drive of private information before returning it.  Companies automatically do that when it is returned, but it is possible Ray didn’t know that or he had private information that he didn’t even want a computer technician to see.  Later on in the case, police did find that someone had searched for ways to destroy a computer hard drive on Ray’s home computer.

Ray’s family has had experience with family disappearances, as almost 10 years before, Ray’s brother, Roy J. Gricar also disappeared, in Dayton, Ohio.  He body was eventually found in the Great Miami River and his death was determined to be suicide. 

All possibilities have been bought up to explain his disappearance from murder to suicide to he could be hiding.

What is your guess?

4 thoughts on “Ray Gricar: Pronounced legally dead after missing for six years

  1. I do not believe that he is dead. I think he wanted to disappear (for whatever reason).

  2. I think he looks like the unidentified inmate in Utah who refuses to provide any information about who he is….

  3. If he worked for the County his fingerprints would be on file. The prison would have been able to identify him.

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