Missing man’s remains found in chimney after 27 years

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Missing Persons Of America
Joseph Schexnider

Joseph Schexnider went missing in 1984.  He was suppose to appear in court on charges of possessing a stolen vehicle, but he never showed up. When the police showed up at his residence to arrest him, his mother said he was not there, and assumed he ran away to avoid arrest.

Over the years she never reported him missing because she knew the police were looking for him.

Fast forward 27 years and the crew that was renovating a bank building in Abbeville, Louisiana, come across a corpse inside the bank’s chimney.  Authorities state that the remains are of Joseph Schexnider.

Police believe that Schexnider probably died from dehydration after becoming trapped in the Bank of Abbeville’s chimney.  Although they can not determine why he was there.

His bones were discovered in May with a pair of gloves, a watch, a wallet and a cigarette lighter, but nothing to suggest he was trying to rob the bank by climbing down the chimney.

The bank had closed off the chimney in the 80’s.

Joseph would have been 49 year olds today.

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