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Two bodies found in W. Virginia identified as missing woman

Ashley Crawford and Jeff Crawford
Tonda Nelson

Human remains were found Sunday evening off of Duncan Creek Road in Gallipolis Ferry in West Virginia, and by the time forensic specialists were done processing the scene, two bodies have been identified.

Tonda (McCarty) Nelson and Ashley (Baird) Crawford were positively identified and the two woman found at the remote location..

Tonda, Ashley and William “Jeff Crawford, Ashley’s husband, have been missing since June 17, 2011.  At this time authorities do not know where Jeff is.

The place where the women were found is property owned by Matthew Woods, a family member. Woods in an unrelated case has been arrested on charges of first degree murder in the shooting death of Rene A. Gonzalez.

The Crawfords’ mobile home in Southside, W. Virginia was destroyed by a fire on the same day the trio went missing and police are calling the fire suspicious. 

Family and friends said that the Crawford’s said they wanted to move south and at first police thought they might be hiding or starting a new life, until the bodies were found on Sunday.

The big question now is, where is Jeff Crawford?

If you have any information on the family, or no the location of Jeff Crawford, please call the W.Virginia State Police at 304-675-0850.

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