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Cassandra Coriell: Where was missing Bakersfield girl?

I know many people are wondering what happened with Cassandra, so I have posted the latest information on this case.  If my readers feel that this post should be pulled, for Cassandra’s sake, please let me know.

 Father charged with rape of missing Bakersfield girl

Police have traced Ray Coriell’s cell phone as being in the same area as where his missing 8-year-old daughter was found on Wednesday.

Cassandra was found bruised and with a black eye, by a man, 9 miles from her home, when she walked up to him and asked for some water. 

Sheriff Donny Younglood said that “The girl was left for dead in a dirt lot.”

According to the 911 Call of Cassandra’s step-mom,  Ray left for work at 3:45 a.m., then she reset the alarm and went to go check on the kids, and that is when she found Cassandra missing.

Ray says he was at work when his wife, called to say that Cassandra was missing. 

Authorities found by tracing his cell phone that he was in the opposite direction of his job.

Authorities responded to a call that Ray was despondent and held up in the house on Thursday.  After the 7-hour standoff he surrendered and police booked him on charges of kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder.  He is currently in jail held on $1 million bail.


Ray Coriell woke up at 3:45, and left for work, shortly after, his step wife, Sheila was calling to tell him that  his little girl, Cassandra was gone.

Six hours later, Cassandra walked up to a gardener, who was watering a lawn, and looking up at him with a black eye, and told him she was thirsty.  She was 9 miles from her home.

Cassandra, who turned 8 today, disappeared Tuesday night from her home off Highway 99 in Bakersfield and no one knows what happened to her.

When the stranger she walked up to asked her questions, she couldn’t remember where she lived or where she came from.  She was wearing dirty pink pajamas, her face and arms were dirty, and she was barefoot.  She had a bruise on her arm, and her eye was so swollen “you couldn’t see the eyeball.”

The investigation is ongoing and sheriff’s are interviewing the family. 

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