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Missing soldier admits planning a terrorist attack at Fort Hood

A Muslim American soldier who has been missing since Wednesday, admits to planning on attacking Fort Hood.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, 21, who went missing from duty at Fort Campbell base in Kentucky has been found and arrested in Killeen, Texas.

The police received a call from an employee, Greg Ebert,  at a gun store he was working at.  Greg is a retired police officer, and he became suspicious about the man who was asking about ammunition.

Abdo was arrested at a red light and when authorities searched the motel where he was staying, they found gunpowder, battery-operated clocks, shotgun shells, 18 pounds of sugar, shrapnel,  magazines, a pressure cooker, and ammunition.  Abdo also purchased a uniform with Fort Hood patches from a surplus store.

Abdo, according to AP, has admitted to planning an attack on Ford Hood, where 13 people had died in a 2009 mass shooting.

“Thanks to quick action by a Texas gun dealer in alerting local police to a suspicious character,” Rep. John Carter said today, “and a prompt and vigorous response by the Killeen Police Department, we may well have averted a repeat of the tragic 2009 radical Islamic terror attack on our nation’s largest military installation.”

When Ebert was asked what alerted him, he said the the numerous questions from Abdo about gunpowder.  “He should know” if he’s buying that much. 

Naser had refused to deploy to Iraq on the basis of his religion and put in paperwork to be discharged from the Army as a conscientious objector. The Army had approved his request, but his status was put on hold after he was charged with possession of child pornography on his computer in Kentucky.

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  1. Why do you have to put the religion of this man on the frontline? The Norway guy who busted so many innocent people is a christian terrorist extremist having most probably ties with a hidden Terrorist organisation of Christians.

  2. That's fair. Readers – what do you think, should we remove the man's religious affiliation and just have American soldier?

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