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Dr. Drew talks to Larry Flynt about Casey Anthony posing nude in Hustler
Dr. Drew met with the founder of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt about his offer to pay Casey Anthony to pose nude in his magazine. 

Larry told Dr. Drew that people have been asking him when he will ask Casey Anthony to pose.  He said it wasn’t his personal desire to see her nude, but the demand from his customers.

Dr. Drew asked, “It doesn’t gross you out?”

“You explain to me how in Houston, I had at least a dozen cowboys come up to me and want to see photographs of her in the nude.  Now I can’t make the connection, maybe you can,” said Flynt.

Come on Larry, we all know you are doing it for the money, and not providing a service for your customers.  You are not a bible sales man.

Do you think that if Flynt can convince Casey to do it, the magazine will fly off the shelves, or will the magazine sit, like Casey did all those months in the jail?

Click on the video above to see the Dr. Drew interview.

One thought on “Dr. Drew talks to Larry Flynt about Casey Anthony posing nude in Hustler”

  1. Oh, you betcha you better believe those Hustlers will come off the shelves like it is the summer of 1969! Even though we hate what she may have or may not have done, I think we are all a bit curious and because of the occasional witch hunt that Nancy Grace conducted, the suspense levels are running high right now.

    We're all waiting for the 1st Casey sighting and for her 1st big money hit. I think everybody has a right to feel what they want about Casey but it crosses the line and becomes way too much when fury has mounted to the point that they are worrying for public safety and Casey's life. It will be a real shame if things get out of hand and innocent people get hurt while they are charging after Casey.

    Sorry, I had to rant…. but it seems lately that people feel they have a personal stock in this issue and cannot control their feelings of anger and feel it is then okay to take it upon themselves to hurt Casey and other innocent bystanders who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. People need to slow their roll and bring it back on into reality a bit. JMHO but they really burned the life out of this one on HLN Channel 36 and I for one don't really care if I hear about Casey Anthony for quite a while, unless it's got something to do with a naughty pool boi and a helluva Hustler spread….:)

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