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Michelle Le: Police classify case as homicide

The Hayward Police Dept. released a statement over the weekend saying they are classifying the case of missing Michelle Le as a homicide and they are getting closer to naming a suspect in the case.

“Based on compelling evidence that we have, recovered during the course of our investigation through the week, the Hayward Police Dept. is classifying this case as a homicide,” said Lt. R. Keener of the Hayward Police Dept. “Some of the results that have been completed have assisted us in reducing suspicion on some persons.  It is out belief that through the processing of evidence and continued interviews, we will know the identity of the suspect/suspects responsible for Michell’s disappearance in the not too distant future.”

Michelle Le

Michelle Le, 26,  disappeared over two months ago on May 27th,  while taking a break from her nursing class at Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center.  Her car was found parked nearby with  blood inside.

Michelle grew up in San Diego and went to Mount Carmel High School, and her family still resides there. 

They have offered a reward and have organized many fundraisers.  Michelle’s family believe that Michelle is still alive and the Hayward Police Dept. is not doing enough to find her and the FBI should be brought in.

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