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Ross and Sophie Smith: Senior couple missing during road trip

Update:  Ross and Sophie have been found by a state trooper.  It appears they were not answering their cell phone.   They told the officer they were okay and driving on vacation.

Ross and Sophie Smith, who were due to arrive in Harvard, Idaho on Saturday are missing.

The senior couple left their home in Albany, Oregon to go and visit friends in Seneca.  They left Seneca to go to Harvard, Idaho to visit their grandson, but never showed up.

Edith Prouty, the couples daughter, called the police to report them missing.

“They’re not people who make a plan to be somewhere and don’t show up.  They made this date to see their grand kids and wild horses wouldn’t stop them from that,” said Edith.

The Smith’s are driving a white 1999 Dodge Ram King Cab pickup with Oregon plate WMW 417.  They will be pulling a white 23-foot 1997 Wanderer travel trailer with Oregon Plate R687638.

If you seem them please contact the police.

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