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Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips: Baby’s clothes found in Sean’s pocket

Sean Phillips, missing Baby Kate Phillips’ assumed father was in court on Wednesday.

Baby Kate has been missing from Lundington, Michigan since June 29, 2011.

Sean was ordered to stand trial on kidnapping charges after investigators testified that Sean had Baby Kate’s clothes in his pocket and that the car seat and diaper bag was in the truck of his car.

When a testifying police officer asked what was Ariel’s reaction when she was told that Sean did not have Kate, he answered, “She ran out the front door and threw up.

The Defense argued that Ariel Courtland, wanted someone to adopt Baby Kate and had partially filled out adoption paperwork. 

Ariel admitted they talked many times about giving Kate up for adoption, but she said she didn’t want to and he knew she didn’t want to.

The Defense also pointed out that Ariel left a phone message on June 28 in which she asks Sean if he would want to “take Kate” that night because “after tomorrow it will be too late.”

Ariel didn’t deny it, but repeated that she didn’t not want to give the baby up for adoption. 

The Defense brought up that Ariel is still in contact with Sean and visits him and brought him money and socks.

Ariel said she will do anything to get him to say what he did with Kate.

Sean’s bond remains at $500,000, even though the Defense argues for a $10,000 bond, and he will remain at Mason County Jail.

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