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Bethany Anne Decker: Baby due August 7

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UPDATE:  12/12/14 – Vickie Willoughby, Ronald Roldan’s girlfriend, shot Roldan
in the chest and in the abdomen, on Nov. 12, 2014, during a domestic disturbance.  Roldan grabbed Willoughby’s 38 caliber handgun and shot her once in the head. She ran fled to a neighbor’s home, where police found her.

Willoughby will not be charged, according to police, because she fired in self-
Loudoun County investigators have said this is the same Ronald Roldan that was living with Decker before she disappeared.Bethany Decker, the 22-year-old pregnant woman that disappeared from her Ashburn home in February is scheduled to give birth on August 7th.  Read previous story here.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is reminding the public that Bethany Anne Decker is still missing and is releasing a photo of her as she would look full term from her last pregnancy with her first child.

There has been no activity on her bank accounts, e-mail, or cell phone and she has not attended any classes at George Mason University.

Bethany was reported missing on February 19, when they had not contact with her.  They found her car there, but Bethany was gone.  Her husband, Emile Decker, who is a private with the Army National Guard returned to Afghanistan on February. Shortly after that time, Bethany went missing.

If you have any information please call Loudoun County crime Solvers at 702-777-1919.

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