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John Hollis Williams: Missing from Lakeside, Calif.

UPDATE: August 5th, Sheriff’s Department says, “John Williams, missing from his Lakeside home since Wednesday afternoon, was located late last night and has been reunited with his family.”

John Hollis Williams is 96-year-old and he is missing from Lakeside, California.

John should be pretty easy to recognize and hope that everyone today takes the time to look for him in either Lakeside, El Cajon or Santee.  He has been known to drive to the beach, too.

John was heading out to one of his usual restaurants in East County when he disappeared.  We all know the restaurants.  It could be Jimmy’s in Santee, Cafe 67 in Lakeside or Lakeside Cafe or maybe even Janet’s Cafe in El Cajon.

John wears a white cowboy hat, 5’6″ tall and 200 pounds.  He is 96 hears old and is still driving.  He has a 2007 Chevrolet Impala with Oklahoma plates 463-ARX with the “One Nation Under God” license plate holder.

Come on East County, John should be easy to find, let’s get him home safe.

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