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Ty Ritter: Kidnap and Rescue – Project Child Save

I sat down and watched Kidnap and Rescue, featuring, Project Child Save and must admit that I was mesmerized.

The words that struck me most were from Ty Ritter, the founder of Project Child Save, a 501c3 non-profit organization, when he said, “Kidnapping children for ransom doesn’t happen much anymore, as there is more money in selling them.”

According to Project Child Save website:  Child pornography is second to drug trafficking, citing Brazil, as the satanic capital of the world, because it is heavily involved in child pornography, and the selling of children to pedophiles that use them as sexual slaves.

As I watched the show, Ty’s rough and tough exterior is contradictory to his soft interior.  He chokes back tears many times during his interview.

“You know, the FBI will knock the bedroom door and arrest them for child pornography, but no one is going where the child are being held, or where they are filming it.  That is what we do,” said Ty.

Along with Ty, is JC, the groups sniper, who is just as contradictory as Ty, with his baby face, conflicting with his attitude.  He admits that he will “kill every last one of them” because “I wished someone would have done that for me.”

I watched in disbelief, as the episode showed kidnappers, watching a mother and her child, called Jenny, on the front lawn of their home in Huntington Beach, California.  The kidnappers made a phone call to the home, and as the mother went inside to answer the phone, another kidnapper, posing as a mother, lured the little girl closer to the fence by asking her if she wanted to see her baby in the stroller.  When she came closer, the woman puts a handkerchief over Jenny’s face and drugs her.  Suddenly, another kidnapper rushes up and grabs Jenny and puts her in the back of the SUV and drives off.  In minutes, Jenny is gone.

“A blond, blue-eyed child sold on today’s market has, in some cases, reached six figures,” said Ty.

Watching the event unfold on TV, caused me to rethink the many cases I have posted about over the last 18 months.  So, many children have just disappeared off the face of the earth, and many I just couldn’t make any sense out of.

I have to confess that I had no idea that kidnapping of America children by foreign countries was actually going on.  Was there really people out there, coming to the U.S. and stealing our children?  Yes, there were.

Law enforcement is limited to what they can do, and many missing person cases, that may have to do with human trafficking, just go cold.  Law enforcement can’t get past compliance issues or jurisdictional boundaries, and are stuck in limbo.

Interpol, the world’s largest international policed organization, is one organization that is able to gather information about human trafficking and pass this information on to private organizations, like Project Child Save.

Project Child Save goes against all odds to save America’s children.   These men are unsung heroes, that need our support.

I urge you to watch Discovery’s Kidnap and Rescue – Project Child Safe and afterwards follow my lead and make a $2.00 donation to their cause by clicking here.

One last note:  Kudo’s to the crew and talent of Kidnap and Rescue.  Your creative skills make this show one of the best on TV.

Below is a clip from the show.  Be warned that it is rough to watch, as it is so realistic, but worth it to hear Ty talk about Jenny’s rescue. (please note that there are 4 videos that will play back to back with a brief pause) —since putting this up five years ago the videos are now gone from the link I posted.  But I did find this on YouTube that gives you a part of the story.


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