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Breeann Rodriguez: Have you seen this child?

It is my firm belief that the parents of missing Breeann Rodriguez have nothing to do with this child’s disappearance.  She has either wandered off or has been picked up by someone.  If they did pick her up, they would have had to have taken her pink bicycle as well.

Also, the area where Breeann was riding on Ode Johnson there is  no sidewalks to ride on, there is only asphalt.  She would have had to pedal quite a ways to get to the Caneer intersection.  Could she have veered out into the road and someone did see her?  Could someone backed out of their driveway and didn’t see her, and panicked?

A little more information has come in on the case:

Breeann was riding her  bicycle with her 5 year-old brother on Saturday in the neighborhood called Bootheel in Dunklin County, about 150 miles south of St. Louis.  One end of the street is a dead end and the other end goes to the intersection of Ode Johnson and Caneer Street.  Breeann’s brother went inside to get a drink and when he returned Breeann was gone.

The police questioned one suspect with a van and they were released.  There is information that they are looking for another van, that is a white cargo van, with a ladder mounted on the rear and no side windows.

Breeann’s parents, Claudia Ramos and Edgar Rodriguez are pleaded for her return. 

Because there is not signs of foul play or abduction, the has been no Amber Alert released.

The FBI was called in and at this point they do not know if she wandered off or it is a kidnapping. 

If you have any information, please call 314-791-1205.

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