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Bill and Kay Wood: Still missing, police want to talk to POI

Update:  The body of 79-year old Bill was identified as the body found in the couple’s burning home.  He was dead from a gunshot wound.  Police are still searching for Kay.

Police are looking for a man who was seen walking away from a missing couple’s pickup truck.

Bill Wood, 79, and Kay Wood, 72 have been missing nice July 30th.  Their home on 2698 Highway R-63 in the Greenfield Township area, was found on fire around 11:35, that night.  A body was found inside the home, but police have not announced the identity of that person.

Police want to talk to the man that was seen at the Crodillera Ranch Apartments on 8381 North Donnelly Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri on July 31, as he walked away from the Wood’s red 2009 Chevrolet Silverado.

The police have released a composite sketch of the person of interest they would like to talk to (see above). 

A search was made  over the weekend along Interstate 35 for the missing Warren County couple, and missing person flyers have been posted in Des Moines, Norwalk and Indianola.

If you know  any information about this case please call the Warren County Dispatch Center at 515-961-1122.  

2 thoughts on “Bill and Kay Wood: Still missing, police want to talk to POI

  1. That is an Iowa area code…. One that is commonly found in Des Moines, Iowa.

    Makes ya wonder who they put put in the fire that makes police believe it wasn't the suspect. It's too bad, they must have wanted their money.

    Keep up the good work Jerie.

    Derek B.

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