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Breeann Rodriguez: Police find possible evidence

Update:  Just heard her parents did NOT pass the polygraph test. 

Breeann Rodriguez, 3, has been missing from her family since Saturday and police announced today that they have found some physical evidence.

The evidence is training wheels off a bike and the other evidence they will not say,  but they say they can probably get DNA from it.

Police are looking for a vehicle like this with a ladder.

What police are calling evidence was found in a field about two miles from her home on Tuesday night, and the other Wednesday morning.

It has been taken to the crime lab, but will take about two days to get it back. 

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, remember that the police said they found blood, in the Holly Bobo case, in the woods and it turned out to be bird poop.

Omar Karnes, the Senath police chief, said that the evidence found cannot be directly tied to Breeann. 

Police are still searching for the full-size white cargo van with the ladder attached to it. 

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