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Timmothy Pitzen: New information and video released

Timmothy age progression photo to age 10

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Timmothy Pitzen has been missing since May 14, from Colorado, after his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen was found at a Rockford motel room dead, after she committed suicide.

He is from Aurora, Illinois, but was last seen at a water park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Police had been looking for him and hoped that the dirt, grass and weeds they had found on her car would give them clues to where Timothy was.

But this morning some disturbing news has been released by the Aurora police that blood belonging to Timmothy was found in the back seat of the car and it was a “concerning amount”. 

Police did emphasize that it could have been from a nosebleed that he may have had.’s mother, Alana does not think that Amy’s travels before her suicide was preplanned as she had “save the date” notice for school functions for Timmothy.

Alana also said that the Aurora police had given her a name of a person they were going to interview, but she did not know the person. 

Investigators are also requesting more of Amy’s cell phone records.  Cell phone records are archived after they reach, about 30 plus days, and investigators can wait up to 30 plus days, after the phone company is subpoenaed, before they receive those records.

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