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Breeann Rodriguez: Parents fail Polygraph Test

Update:  Police are holding a suspect for questionining. Click here to read.

Just announced on HLN’s Nancy Grace Show, parents of missing Breeann Rodriguez, have failed the polygraph test.

Edgar Rodriguez was cut off during the broadcast and began to say that when he found out his wife failed, it raised a doubt…no one will know exactly where he was going with that sentence, because the network went to a commercial.

When they came back from the commercial, Nancy directly asked him, about the failed polygraph, and he said.

I don’t know, honestly, honestly. When my wife went in there first to do the polygraph and she failed it, I mean, of course as a father when someone tells you they failed a polygraph, it automatically raises doubt.”

“I don’t know. to be completely honest with you, I don’t believe we really did fail it. It may be some kind of tool they use to squeeze every bit of information out of us…I don’t really know. But they said we did fail it. “

Note that Edgar does say honestly over and over again.  When someone repeats a word over and over again they are trying to convince you as well as themselves.  If they are truly innocent though they could be going over this information over and over again to try and understand it. 

What do you think, are the police trying to get more information out of the parents or did they really fail the test.

7 thoughts on “Breeann Rodriguez: Parents fail Polygraph Test

  1. The whole time I was listening to him say…”Honestly”, I kept thinking about Casey Anthony talking to the Detectives “Honestly”…chills ran up my back!

  2. Sure the father believes the training wheels are from her bicycle, he was the one who threw them in the field. As a retired deputy from Los Angeles, I have been around the block and seen my fair share of the evil that men can do. Unlike Nancy Grace who feigns shock to the details of most crimes on her show, nothing surprises me.

    She believes the father is forthcoming and cooperating and through innuendo, she is intimating that she thinks the father is telling the truth, even though he and his wife failed their polygraph test.

    When I heard the first reports about this incident, where it was reported that the 3 year old girl was out front riding her bike and without any commotion or noise she just vanished, my suspicions were aroused and the first suspects I thought of were the parents.

    Tonight my visiting relative was watching Nancy Grace, so I held my nose and watched the show. The father was hooked up with a telephone link and gave a little of his story to Grace, who by the way treated the father with kid gloves. There was a photo of this father on the screen while he tried to nervously explain the circumstances.

    The father looks and sounds like a poster child for infanticide. Nothing like sporting a wife beater t-shirt and thinking it is normal parental behavior to leave a couple of small children home alone to make one think this guy is not the loving parental type.

    When Nancy questioned him why he knew the training wheels were on the bicycle, he stated that at one time he became angry about something his daughter was doing wrong with the bike. His words were, “I became angry….”. Yeah, I bet he became angry.

    My suspicions are he became angry with his daughter and the bicycle, lost his cool, did something to harm her, dumped the body and the bike, forgot about the training wheels. When he returned at a later time, he rediscovered the training wheels, maybe saw blood on the training wheels and for expediency dumped the training wheels at a nearby location. The training wheels were found 2 miles away from the house.

    No abductor would take the bike if they took the child and they sure as hell would not take the time to remove the training wheels from the bicycle. If they dumped the bike, the wheels would still be on the bike.

    Look when both mom and dad fail the polygraph, that tells you something. Alot of guilty people cooperate and take polygraph tests, they think if they refuse, they would really look guilty. Anyways as the child's parents you would expect them to take a polygraph test. The police probably thought the parents story was “hinky”, suspicious to begin with, that is why they did not just bring them in for questioning, but hooked them up to the polygraph in the first place.

    In the end, the parents will be charged, convicted and sentenced for the death of this child. I am sure the detectives feel the same way, they are just gathering up the evidence, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  3. Dear Anonymous: Thank you for your comment. It is very interesting to read your thoughts, particularly since it comes from someone with experience.

    I must admit that I believed the parents were innocent, ignoring the fact that the story just didn't add up. I had come to the conclusion that maybe someone backed up there car or was driving down the road and didn't see Breeann on her bike and accidentally ran her down. That was the only thing that seemed reasonable why someone would take her and the bicycle. But, as the father talks, the more he slips, like the constant use of honestly, and like you pointed out, when he became angry over the bike. Piece by piece his conscience is talking.

    I noticed yesterday, that watching the parents when they are not talking, speaks louder than watching them while they are talking.

    Once again, thank you for your insight.

  4. As a “retired deputy from Los Angeles” figures that Anonymous would assume the “parents will be charged, convicted and sentenced.” That's the problem with our legal system. They're too busy trying to convict anyone and not solve the actual crime. Thank goodness the FBI was on this case and didn't rush to judgement. I can't imagine how many innocent people went to jail because of your stellar police work. Oh, wait, they were all guilty, right?

  5. dojo, did you read what that person said? He doesn't just think they are guilty for no reason! He is 100% right, when I first heard this story I thought to myself (I also have a 4 year old daughter) who let's their 3 year old play outside by themselves and doesn't bat an eyelash?

    When Edgar was on NG I could not get over how calm he was for a man whose child is missing. It was eerie. They have an arrest made by a neighbor, but the story doesn't make sense. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

    Oh,and dojo-just a little FYI, it's not police officers that put people in jail, that is up to a jury.

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