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Breeann Rodriguez: Shawn Morgan arrested for Breeann’s murder

 Information is coming in a little at a time.  Below is what I have so far that can be confirmed.  I do think that there are still more twists and turns to this story.

The fact that the parents failed the polygraph test is so confusing, and maybe there will be an explanation regarding that, or maybe we will find out that the parents were covering up something.

Shawn Morgan, 43, was brought in for questioning in the case of the disappearance of Breeann Rodriguez, 3, who was last seen riding her bicycle in front of her home in Senath, Missouri.  He subsequently was arrested for her murder and charged with first degree murder, armed criminal action and tampering with physical evidence.  There is also information that he suffocated Breeann.

Morgan lives on Ode Johnson Street with his his wife Tonya and children, which is jJust down the street from the Rodriguez family. 

Police are searching for Breeann’s body in an undisclosed area. 

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  1. I personally think Polygraphs are a waste of time. When people are so distraught it's going to make your anxiety level rise which in turn can give a false result.

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