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Breeann Rodriguez: More details released, but no explanation

The Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has released details on how Shawn Morgan killed 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez, but the information does not answer why he would do such a thing.

According to the affidavit, Morgan said he found Breeann standing on his pool ladder in his backyard.  He grabbed her and carried her inside his house and then suffocated her with a trash bag, by holding the trash bag over her face and mouth.  Disgustingly, he said, “it felt like it took an hour for her to die.”

He then put her body in the same trash bag and drove to the flood way ditches on Missouri Highway 164 and threw her body over the railing.  He then returned home and dismantled the bicycle, then pitched it into the same river.

As you know, the training wheels of the bicycle were found last week.

Even though how it was done has been explained, there is no why it was done.  Morgan has no prior offenses for anything more than a traffic ticket, and why this man, who has 3 children of his own, decided to hurt little Breeann is so far, unknown.  We do know that his act stemmed from someone who was very angry.  Will we find that he was an angry man, that hated his neighbors, and he just went berserk?

Morgan was suppose to appear in court on Monday, but it has been changed to Tuesday.

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