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Uncle of missing woman receives disturbing text messages

The uncle of a missing woman has been receiving disturbing text messages over the weekend that his niece had been murdered, and this morning they found out those text messages were fake.

Dennis Oglesby, who is missing Tina Boles’ Uncle, and a Country Club Hills Police officer, has received several text messages from his nieces phone that say that she was dead.

The first graphic text message read, “Tina is dead.”  Another said, “He beat her with an iron bar and said if I say something he will get me.”  Another text message said “find the truck and you find the body.”

Oglesby said that Tina, who is 43, was laid off from her job a couple of months ago and had been living at a homeless camp, called Hopeville in the downtown area of St. Louis, Missouri.

She was last seen there on Thursday, but early Monday morning, Tina was found safe. 

Hopefully, they can track who sent those messages.

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