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Breeann Rodrguez: Shawn Morgan makes first court appearance

Shawn Morgan, the man who confessed to smothering Breeann Rodriguez, 3, with a plastic bag, appeared in court today. Read affidavit here.

He was chaperoned by Sheriff officer’s and  brought into the Dunklin County Courthouse wearing a bullet proof vest and shackles.

Morgan told the Judge that he did not have counsel, and the next hearing was scheduled for August 30, 2011.

Breeann’s family state they believe that Breeann is still alive.  Morgan told the police that he had dumped her body in a floodway ditch at Highway 164, but the police have not been able to find her body.  Her pink bicycle that she was riding, was also missing but has been found in the river, and identified by Breeann’s father, Edgar.

I posted the other day that we do not know why, Morgan did what he did.  There seem to be not much speculation, but I believe that the silence from the sheriff’s dept. is not because they do not know the motivation, but instead they don’t want the public to know the motivation.

Was his erratic, spontaneous act fueled  by racism?  What do you think?

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