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Dr. Drew interviews family of Jacque Waller

The disappearance of Missouri mother, Jacque Waller, has devastated the family.  The family knows that Jacque would not intentionally leave behind her five-year-old triplets, Maddox, Avery, and Addison.

Jacque disappeared after visiting her estranged husband, Clay Walker, who is currently in jail for theft and harassment unrelated to the disappearance of Jacque.  Police have called Clay a person of interest in the case.

Dr. Drew asked Jacque’s mother, Ruby Rawson, if she is still holding out hope that Jacque is alive?

“No, I wish I could. [Clay’s] been threatening her for a year. I think that was his chance to do what he was going to do, and I think he did it.”

“I must tell you, I am chilled by hearing you say that,” said Dr. Drew.  “What is it, that he threatened.”

“He threatened to kill here…I said, ‘Jacque, this man’s been in our family for 18 years, I can’t believe what you’re telling me,’ and she said, ‘Oh yes, Mom, I think he’ll do it.’  And we just didn’t know what to think, we were in shock.”

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