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Jasmine Fike: Missing teen from Aurora, Colorado

An Amber Alert has been issued for missing Jasmine Fike, 15, who has not been seen since Wednesday.

Authorities thought that Jasmine might  be with Franky Session, 37, aka as “12 Play” who is known to be involved with prostitution.

Jasmine knows Sessions’s but the police will not clarify the relationship.  A witness said they saw Jasmine on East Colfax Avenue with Sessions.  That information has not been confirmed at this time, and investigators are still working to qualify the information. 

Police located Sessions on Thursday, and he told the police that he was not involved with Jasmine’s disappearance, and has been cooperating with investigators.  Sessions car was confiscated, so that police could search the vehicle.

Nadine Hobart, Jasmine’s mother, told 7NEWS that her daughter called her at work and told her that a man was trying to get into the house.

Police arrived at the home on South Olathe Street and found the front door was wide open and no one was there.

In Jasmine’s room the bedding was ripped off the bed, and the nightstand had been knocked over. 

Nadine did said that her daughter had run away before, but she had always left a note.  This time there is no note and there were signs of a struggle. 

Jasmine is 5’5″ tall, 130 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes.  She may be wearing a dark blue sweat pants and dark blue t-shirt with the words “Cottage” on it.

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