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Susan Powell: Detectives follow up on tip in Ely, Nevada

Susan Powell

Susan Powell:  New information about missing Utah mom

The West Valley City Police Dept. will be traveling to Ely, Nevada to follow up on new information related to the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Susan, 28, was last seen on December 6, 2009 at her West Valley City, Utah home.  Her husband, Josh Powell, 34, has been named a person of interest in her case, although he maintains that Susan was “unstable” and left on her own.   Josh had taken their children camping and when they returned, Susan was gone.

“We have received some information, a tip, that we’re going to be following up on, and it’s information regarding Susan Powell,” West Valley City Police Sgt. Michael Powell said.  “We want the public to be aware of what’s going on.”

In a statement released by police and reported by Utah’s KSL Newsradio, Powell said, “A team of West Valley Police Dept. detectives will arrive in Ely, Nevada and its surrounding area, to conduct a search and investigate the information received.

Family and friends of Susan have said that Susan never would have left without her children.

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