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Dalene Carson: Shoe found by Calaveras River

UPDATE:  There are many stories on Dalene, so do a search on this website to read all the stories.

The shoe was found at the Calaveras River, and the police believe it may be the one that she was seen wearing on August 7th. 

“It’s a bit of a stretch at this point, there’s a lot of debris down there, there’s a lot of things that they did find, but that did give them some indication that she is down there,” said Stockton Police Officer Pete Smith.

2 thoughts on “Dalene Carson: Shoe found by Calaveras River

  1. Her body has been found. Yarely vazquez has been found. Ya need to update these cases more. Via seeking the lost facebook page.

  2. There are multiply stories about Dalene and this is just one of several. If you do a search on the website you will locate several stories about Dalene, including her being found and arrests afterwards. So, her case is updated.

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