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Day: August 26, 2011

Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips: Attorney motions to drop charges

Sean Michael Phillips, the man who is being held on kidnapping charges in the case of missing baby, Katherine Phillips, from Ludington, Michigan, may be released soon. His attorney has filed a motion to drop the charges against his client after the DNA test results showed that Phillips is the father of Baby Kate.  Under […]

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Susan Powell: Did Steven Koecher and Susan run away together?

Steve Powell, Susan Powell’s father-in-law has been talking a lot these last few days and one of the things he has brought up is the disappearance of a man, during the same week that Susan disappeared. On his website he says:     •    Susan Powell and Steven Koecher are the same age.    •    Susan Powell […]

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Susan Powell: Father-in-law says, he and Susan were in love

July 24, 2018 – The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that Steven Powell had died early Sunday morning in a hospital in Tacoma. Update for August 2, 2016:  Photos, videos and journals written by Susan and some written by Steven have been taken out of the home of Steven Powell late last night by police. […]

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