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Susan Powell: Did Steven Koecher and Susan run away together?

Steve Powell, Susan Powell’s father-in-law has been talking a lot these last few days and one of the things he has brought up is the disappearance of a man, during the same week that Susan disappeared.

On his website he says:

    •    Susan Powell and Steven Koecher are the same age.
    •    Susan Powell and Steven Koecher are members of the same Mormon faith (Latter-Day-Saint, LDS Church). 
    •    Susan Powell and Steven Koecher were both in West Valley City, Utah during the week of their parallel disappearances.

    •    Susan Powell and Steven Koecher disappeared at the same time.

So, let’s go over this one at a time,

Susan Powell is 28 at the time of her disappearance
Steven Koecher was 30 at the time of his disappearance
Steven is a Morman, and there are over 5.5 million Mormons in the U.S.  12% of them live in Utah.
Susan Powell disappeared December 6, 2009
Steven disappeared Dec 13, 2009.

But, there is more about Steven.  Steven is a native Texan and he moved to St. George in April 2009 and lived in St. George, Utah.   On Dec. 9 he visited friends in Ruby Valley, Nevada.  He made a withdrawal from an ATM in Wendover, Nevada.  On December 10, he bought $32.88 worth of gasoline in Springville, Utah.  He purchased lunch in Nephi, Utah.  On December 12 he bought gasoline in Mesquite, Nevada.  He also bought Christmas presents for his brother and family on that day.  He came home to his St. George apartment around 10:00 p.m. and then left a half and hour later.  On December 13, he talks to people on the phone said he was in Las Vegas.  Later that day he is seen on a surveillance tape in Sun City Anthem, a Las Vegas community.  He had covered a distance of 1,2000 miles in three days.  On December 14, he used his phone to check his voice mail.  That was the last time the phone was used and his bank account has not been accessed since they day either. 

During all of this, there is no one that said they saw him with another person. Even the surveillance video (assuming it is Steven in the video) shows him alone.

The police have gone over his cell records and nothing shows him calling a Susan Powell.  Steven’s passport was found, along with his cell phone charger, laptop and many other items he would have likely taken with him if he was traveling or run away to Brazil, as Steve Powell has theorized.    Steven bought Christmas present for his brother and family, something you wouldn’t likely do if you were planning on being gone during Christmas. 

Whether Steven and Susan ran off together is highly unlikely, in my opinion.  Regardless, fortunately, Steve Powell’s theory has brought some needed attention to Steven Koecher’s case.

If you have any information about Steve, please call the police.
Steve’s Facebook page

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