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Susan Powell: Father-in-law says, he and Susan were in love

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July 24, 2018 – The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that Steven Powell had died early Sunday morning in a hospital in Tacoma.

Update for August 2, 2016:  Photos, videos and journals written by Susan and some written by Steven have been taken out of the home of Steven Powell late last night by police.

Steve Powell called the photos, “embarrassing.”

Steve is maintaining that Susan Powell initiated the flirting with him and he  developed a relationship with her, although he would not explain the relationship, other than he said his feelings turned into an “obsession,” and he wrote about it in his journal.

Update: Josh Powell, 35, the husband of missing Susan Powell, was out of jail and at his father’s home on Thursday, as detectives searched the home for evidence.

According to ABC News, authorities with a evidence search warrant came to Steve Powell’s home in Puyallup, Washington to search for journals and diaries that Susan wrote when she was a teen.

Steve Powell, Josh’s father, has been telling the media that he planned to publicize Susan’s diaries on his website, because they showed that Susan was promiscuous, and that her problems began when she was a child.

Josh and Steve were separated while the police searched and the children were playing outside and eating pizza.

During an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Steve Powell, the father-in-law of missing Susan Powell from Utah, shockingly announced that Susan and he were falling in love.

He boldly stated that, “Susan was very sexual with me.  She was very flirtatious.  I mean, I’m her father-in-law, and she would do a lot of things that, um, she did it.  We interacted in a lot of sexual ways because Susan enjoys doing that,” said Steve Powell.

When asked if he was in love with Susan, Steve replied, “That’s pretty likely, yeah, I think so, and there’s no question in my mind that the feelings were mutual.”

Chuck Cox, Susan’s responded to Steve’s claims by saying that it was Steve who initiated unwanted sexual advances and that his daughter told him years ago that “something had happened” with Steve Powell that made her uncomfortable, but never said anymore than that.

“She said something about Steve had wanted her to be a common wife for him and Josh,” said Chuck.

On the Today show, Steven said that Susan was flirtatious and very sexual with people.  “Frankly, sometimes I wish we had done a little more that we did.”

IMO, Steve’s comments remind me of what a child molester says about an innocent child they have been molesting.  They are delusional and actually think that the innocent child is flirting and sexually interested in them.  Could Steve Powell, also be delusional?

What I don’t understand is why Steve Powell is continuously trying to ruin Susan’s reputation.  Why is he hell-bent on putting her diary up on his website, talking about  her in a sexual way on TV in front of millions of people?  Anyone else would have kept their mouth closed, but he wants to talk and talk about it, and it comes across as creepy,  like he is reliving a fantasy.   This is not normal behavior.

Last week authorities searched some abandoned mines in Nevada and today they were back at Steve Powell’s home, where Josh Powell lives with his two children, searching for more clues in the disappearance of Susan.

4 thoughts on “Susan Powell: Father-in-law says, he and Susan were in love

  1. I agree that this is creepy. So is the fact that Josh is living there with that man, along with his innocent children. I fear the worst for poor Susan. I hope they discover the truth soon.

  2. Is he so delusional that he doesn't realize he is calling attention to himself as a suspect? Creepy and I don't get it.

  3. Interesting. The FIL’s behavior reminds me of my ex’s psychopathic behavior. My ex was also bent on ruining the name, reputation of each and every woman he had a intimate relationship with, who discovered his TRUE self. They try to deflect their behavior, by pointing out the behavior of someone else. Most of what they say are lies, meant to ruin their victim’s name. I see through this bs, I just hope the DA does.

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