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Hailey Dunn: Still missing on her 14th birthday

hailey dunn

Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins stand next to a pastor as he leads a prayer vigil for missing Hailey Dunn, who turned 14 on August 27.  Hailey was last seen on December 27, 2010.

During the vigil a press conference was held and Billie, plus three other woman, one who is Carrie McGonigle, the mother of Amber Dubois, and a woman named Holly, are criticizing the way the police are doing the investigation.

McGonigal says she spoke with local law enforcement about assisting the search, but says the arrangement was called off.

“Do you see any of them here? Sometimes those guys come back and ‘join forces.’ Where are they now?”.

“The only place they are looking at is in my back yard, and if they can’t find my child they need to get off their asses and find my baby,” said Billie.

The group are asking for a new investigator, who will have an open mind, as they believe that the police are not following a “Code of Ethics” and should not be telling Billie that they know that Hailey is dead.

Billie is living in Austin from Colorado City, after moving there to get away from the rumors, and what she says is a lack of policing by the police.

“I  don’t like it here at all.  I don’t trust law enforcement.  It’s upsetting these are the people I have to rely on to find my daughter,” Billie told the AP.

There are no pending charges against Adkins or Dunn and Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said that three weeks ago law enforcement searched in south east Scurry county for Hailey.

The searches that once had hundreds of people searching has dwindled down to less than a dozen, not including Billie, who says she doesn’t join the searches.

“I don’t know if she is alive, but I don’t want to see her dead.  I don’t want to find her in a field,” said Billie.

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