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Katelyn Markham: Missing from Ohio Found

UPDATE:  12/18/15 – Evidently there will be a news conference today about Katelyn.  Her dad, Dave Markham said he has always believed someone killed his daughter by accident or in the heat of the moment, and that there was a cover up. He is asking that the case be moved from Fairfield.

Michael Crisp, a filmmaker based in Georgetown, Ky., is also directing a documentary about Katelyn’s life called “Taken too Soon: The Katelyn Markham Story.”

UPDATE:  8/13/14 – According to WKRC news,

Retired Butler County Sheriff’s cold case detective, Frank Smith who operates Ohio Polygraph in Hamilton, was put on the Markham case. Smith, known for solving cases decades old, has been commissioned by the family. He said he was working with both Fairfield and Indiana detectives.

Retired Butler County Sheriff’s cold case detective, Frank Smith has been commissioned by the family to take a look at the case and hopefully find out what happened to Katelyn

Dave Markham, Katelyn’s father said tips stopped coming in and the case was cold.  Frank Smith brings in a set of fresh eyes to look at the case.l

On Tuesday, April 13, 2013, Franklin County Coroner Wanda Lee said that she was unable to determine how Markham died, but ruled her death a homicide.
Photos: Timeline of Katelyn Markham case
There has been no arrests made in her case.

I have done several stories on Katelyn, so please go to the search area above and type in Katelyn Markham to read all the articles.

UPDATE:  4/10/13 Skeletal remains found in Cedar Grove, Indiana have been determined to belong to Katelyn Markham.  Shockingly, Katelyn’s skull was found in a bag.  There are many conflicting reports as to what kind of bag, whether it was plastic, black trash bag or Kroger Trash Bag. 

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Katelyn Helene Markham, 22, was last seen on August 13 at her townhouse at 5214 Dorshire Drive.  She left her keys, purse and dog behind.

Volunteers gathered on Saturday to search for her, and did find a hooped earring Converse shoe, and a red cell phone casing at E. Miami River Rd by Lick Rd, which BTW doesn’t look like a Blackberry.  Police are looking at it, to see if it is connected to Katelyn.

On the Nancy Grace show, John Carter, Katelyn’s fiancee said that he last saw her between 11:00 and 11:39 p.m. on August 13 when he left her Fairfield, Ohio home.  Later he received a text message from her phone which was a photo of Katelyn sent by Katelyn, at 12:52 a.m., something, he says she liked to do.  The police said the phone was turned off at 12:45 a.m.

Interestingly enough there is a post on the Hail Satan:  An exhibition of contemporary images and writing from hell from Katelyn Markham with a photo icon showing Katelyn and John that says, (which when clicked on takes you to Katelyn’s Facebook page-which by the way seems to have a different icon photo than what I remembered seeing last week)   “Totally wish I could attend, but I am working/going to school from 12:30 to 10.:(((((” posted on August 10 in response to an artistic event on the site on Friday, August 12 through September 2nd.  Katelyn also RSVP’d “not attending.”  The event was about “13 local and “national visual artists and poets to re-interpret and channel thirteen original members of the devilish horde…”  The artist works “will be exhibited together from August 12th through September 2nd…”

The event was at CS13, 1420 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Is it possible that Katelyn decided to go to the event after John left?

Because of the small window of time from the last time John Carter saw Katelyn and her going missing, many are wondering if John Carter had anything to do with her disappearance. Katelyn and John have known each other since they were children.

The search resumed at Burns Road off of Stonemill Road on Sunday.  Volunteers are asking more people to show up.

Engagement ring that Katelyn wore

Katelyn is 5’3″ tall, 130 pounds, with green eyes and brown hair.

If you have any information on her disappearance, please call 513-352-3040.

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