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Steven Marchi: Missing Atlanta Musician FOUND

UPDATE 2012:  The police have stated that Steven’s skull and a piece of vertebrae at a Gainesville, Texas campsite belong to Steven.   The police do not suspect foul play.  I do think it is odd that he would tell his friend he would be right back and decides to drive to Texas, and set up a campsite.  At the campsite was personal belongings of Steven’s.  Steven’s truck was found at Walmart in Gainesville, TX.  The campsite was located about 5 miles from where Steven’s remains were found.

Steven Marchi, 43, is a local Atlanta musician and he was last seen August 12, 2011.  He had left the apartment he shared with his roommate, Jeffrey Powell, and drove off in his green Dodge pickup.

After Steven had been gone for awhile, Jeffrey noticed that he left his guitar and music behind.

“I didn’t think too much of it at first. I mean he’s a grown man and I thought he may have just been staying with a friend, but then I realized he left without his phone or his guitar,” said Powell.

He also had just purchased some food and just prepared it for later, and Jeffrey does not believe that Steven would fix the food and not come back to eat it.

Steven has played gigs at Smith’s Old Bar, Eddie’s Attic and the Red Light Cafe.  Between gigs he works as a masseur.

On his Facebook page, in his biography he states that he has recently relocated to Los Angeles by way of Atlanta….and is “now ready to take on the City of The Angels!” and shows his current location as Los Angeles.  There is no way to tell how updated or current the information is.

Please check out the video below:

Steven Marchi In Production,t=1,mt=video
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