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Alexandra Baker: Missing after home invasion robbery

Update:  Police report that a Alexandra Baker was found walking along a north Kansas City street Wednesday morning hours a member of the public.  She is safe.

Thank you anonymous person for taking the time to look for her.

The police are asking for the publics help in locating a missing woman who may have been abducted during a home invasion.

Alexandra Baker, aka, Barbie, 21, went missing after a home invasion.  Two men with guns broke into the 4800 block of North Brighton Avenue in Kansas City on Tuesday.  They tied up the homeowner and when he freed himself later, Alexandra was gone.  She had been sleeping in the living room. 

It is not clear at this time, if Alexandra left before the men arrived or they took her with them.

If you have any information about Alexandra, please call the police at 816-474-8477.

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  1. I think by now some one would realize that she is a missing person and better get on the ball of finding her before she ends up dead like carrol ann thomas that was murdered almost 2 years ago so why dont any one have any answers of her where abouts they had found carrol by 24 hrs but knew more bout who and what was going on that same night

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