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Ken Litwack: Remains of missing Newport doctor found

Kenneth Litwack

A body found Tuesday morning is believed to be that of missing Newport Beach doctor, Ken Litwack.

Ken Litwack, 71, went missing in Tucson, Arizona after he checked himself into the Tuscon Rehabilitation Center on August 16th.  He went missing from the facility and the police and family have been looking for him every since.

Litwack was found about 20 yards from a tree on the grounds of the Arizona clinic that he went missing from.

The body was badly decomposed and the Medical Examiner will do an autopsy to confirm identity and to find the cause of death.

A ballpoint pen and papers were found with the body, but the written note was illegible.

2 thoughts on “Ken Litwack: Remains of missing Newport doctor found

  1. Why is it that they are found in the area they go missing from months later… Rule one “search the area” Duh. just because you search it, doesn't mean you can't canvas it again later. I don't know how many cases i could solve just by looking with in 500 feet of where they go missing ! This should be a clue to law enforcement all around and other P.I.'s who do missing persons cases !

  2. This one makes me mad. Come on. It's like they assumed he walked off and never considered anything else. I wonder if the search dogs were brought in.

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