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Gail Palmgren: Husband puts up house for sale

The husband of missing Gail Palmgren from Signal Mountain, Tennessee has put the couple’s home up for sale.  Gail has been missing since April 30th, 2011.  She was last seen driving her Jeep Rubicon.  The Jeep is also still missing.

The home on 40 Ridgerock Drive, is being advertising for sale on, for $669,000.

According to the Hamilton County Tax Accessor the home is listed in both of their names. I saw an “and” but I did not see an “or”.  But, there may be one and it is not shown on the site.

The house was built-in 2006 and the Palmgren’s purchased the house in August 2009 for $550,000.

Which leads to the question of how is the house going to be sold?   Is the house title as Tenants in Common, where Matt can sell his share?  Or is there a power of attorney for Gail that he will be using?  Has he refinanced the home in his name only?

In the Complaint for Legal Separation, dated May 6, 2011, Matt asked for the home to be awarded to him, along with custody of the children.    He withdrew the complaint a few weeks later, with plans to resubmit when Gail reappears, so we know that a Judge has not awarded him the house through divorce.

At this time, I don’t know, how Matt will be able to legally sell the house.

With Matt no longer working, it is understandable that he may need to sell the home.  His employer, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee send him a letter on June 6th, saying he was fired citing the disappearance of Gail causing a workplace distraction.

Co worker Tammy Helton, was also let go for similar reasons.   There was rumors of a relationship between Matt and Tammy that has been unconfirmed.

Misuse of company equipment and inappropriate email use was also listed as a reasons for Tammy and Matt’s firing, as reported by the Times Free Press.

So, let me hear from you, how do you think Matt will be legally able to sell the house?

2 thoughts on “Gail Palmgren: Husband puts up house for sale

  1. I'm NOT an attorney but as a retired financial professional (banker then stockbroker/insurance agent)of more than 30 years, it is my experience that he would have to have a valid durable power of attorney (DPOA) that…

    (1) has not been recinded / revoked by the wife

    (2) and prove that she is alive becauase if there is a question in that regard, and he cannot prove she is alive, then the DPOA would NOT be valid…because a POA or DPOA ceases to be valid at death.

    Besides, any attorney worth his salt would require that 1/2 the funds (her half) be escrowed in a trust account to be held for her “upon her return”.

    This case “smells” of criminal wrongdoing and very likely murder.

    If he is guilty (and if the girlfriend is involved) I hope and pray he/she spend the rest of their lives in prison, without parole.

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