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Thoughts on the missing Katelyn Markham case

Katelyn Markham and John Carter

I watched Nancy Grace which was promoting an exclusive interview with John Carter, the fiancee of missing Katelyn Markham.

I was disappointed when I realized that it was going to be a phone conversation.  I really wanted to see John Carter on TV.

Nancy asked many questions of John Carter, like his sleeping schedule and seemed alarmed that he had slept 12 hours (from 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., by his own admission).

What strikes me different about John Carter and Katelyn Markham’s relationship, is they are not living together.  I know they were set to get married, but many, many couples are now living together before they get married.  Katelyn and John were planning on going to Colorado together.  I do not know at this point if this information comes only from John or if Katelyn also was telling friends and family the same thing

Katelyn was living alone in a townhouse, after her dad moved out to live with his girlfriend, going to school (graduating in September) and working.  John lived with his parents and worked at Papa John’s Pizza. 

I do not know if either one of them were helping pay for their expenses while living at home.

I personally am wondering if maybe John was more committed to the relationship than Katelyn.   Maybe, just maybe, Katelyn was waiting for John to mature and to show more direction.  She was going to college and working two jobs at a book store and David’s Bridal, which signifies direction in her life, and for a young woman to fully commit to a relationship, they are usually looking for a like-minded boyfriend.  I believe she loved him, but she may have been hoping he would “catch-up” to her maturity wise, and show more direction in his life.

I am also wondering if maybe Katelyn didn’t really go to bed that night, but said she was tired, waiting for John to leave and then went back out.  Please note we only have John’s story on this, and we can only assume that Katelyn told John she was going to bed.  So, if she did say this to John, it may have been a tactic to get him to go home so she could go meet some friends. but she never made it there.  The friends may have not known she was coming.  For example the exhibit in Cincinnati that she declined to go to. Could she have changed her mind, thus no one would be expecting her to show up?

Or, she could have wanted to talk to someone else without John around.    Maybe she was expected a phone call late that night, and after the phone call, sent the photo text message.

Katelyn text messaged a photo of herself to John at 12:45 a.m.  It was a photo taken during her internship by her boss.  This photo brings up a lot of questions.  Why if Katelyn  was so tired, was she still awake approximately an hour after John left and taking a cell phone picture of a hard copy picture and sending it to him?

There is a lot of talking about the paper burning.  I know from experience that burning a lot of papers in a fireplace or even in an outdoor fire pit, can be difficult.  The papers float into the air and is a messy undertaking if you are burning a big stack of papers.  Maybe if they had not done this type of thing before they would not have known how difficult it is to do.  You can’t just throw a big stack on the fire and expect it to burn, putting it in a page or two at a time takes a long, long time, plus a lot of soot and ash floating in the air. That is probably why there was enough left for it to be done again.

Her desire to be there during the burning of the documents, may have been more for cathartic reasons.  Burning of anything personal can be a way to release your tie to it, which you can’t do if you are not there.

These are my thoughts on the case.  What are yours?

One thought on “Thoughts on the missing Katelyn Markham case”

  1. i dont think there is anything unusual about her still being up an hour after he left. you can be tired and not fall immediately asleep. it is weird she texted him a photo of a photo of her, but i see nothing in that action to point to her wanting to get rid of him so that she could go out.

    i am confused about why you are calling their relationship into question just because they don't live together. living together is just one of the ways a couple can convey their commitment to one another. and while many people do live together before engagement or marriage, there are still many may many who do not, for a host of reason besides religion. weddings are expensive and if they both had free housing where they were, they were free to save a lot more to pay for their own wedding.

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