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Amy Patterson: Landlord talks about what they left behind in rental

Daniel Ray Proctor was sentenced to life in prison on each of two theft charges in Madison County. No one has been charged with the death of Amy.

After being sentenced to two consecutive life-sentences in Huntsville, Ala., Proctor told authorities the location .  Amy’s body has been found.  Daniel told investigators that they could find the body of Amy  in a wooded area near her home in Bokeelia, Fla.

Amy Patterson, 41, has been missing since July and her boyfriend Daniel Ray Proctor, 44, has been named a suspect.

Their landlord, Brian Swain says he last talked to Amy Patterson around the third week of July.

Amy and Proctor were renting his property on Bowline Street in Bokellia, Florida before they disappeared.

According to, Swain said he ran into Proctor at the Circle K on Pine Island August 4 or 5th.  The couple had always paid their rent on time for over a year, but this time their rent had not been paid so Swain asked Procter about the rent.  Swain said that Proctor told him that Amy was gone and would not be coming back as she was killed in a car accident.

Daniel Ray Proctor

Proctor told Swain he would be paying the rent and moving out at the end of the month, but he never saw him again.  When he went to the rental, he saw that a bed was made, and there was food in the refrigerator.

“The pets were gone.  The couple had taken in a stray dog and had a bird. Neither was there.  They also had a fish take that still was clean with water in it, but without the fish.  That was the only thing that seemed weird.  I began to suspect that the car accident was an excuse, that she had left him, left the relationship, and he was embarrassed about saying so,” said Swain.

There is a nationwide search for Daniel Proctor by the police, and the home where they rented has been declared a crime scene.
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