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Alyssa Otremba: Missing teen from Las Vegas

Update:  A teen has been arrested in connection with this case.  Read story here.

Alyssa Otremba, 15, has been missing since last Friday and a body discovered in a Las Vegas lot, may be hers.

Alyssa was reported missing on Friday.  She was talking to her mother on her cell phone and said she was walking up Grand Teton and would be home in 30 minutes.  Her phone died after that.

Two people searching for Alyssa came across a female body, that had been badly burned in a desert area.   Detectives said they are not jumping to conclusions and will wait for confirmation of identity.

Four months ago a teen was attacked in the same area.  Her friends heard her scream and came to her aid.  The attacker was never caught.  The police are looking to see if there is a connection.

Police are asking for anyone who may have seen anything to please call the police.

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