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Marble Arvidson: Teen missing from Vermont

Update: Please check website for new photos, etc.

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Marble Arvidson, 17, from Brattleboro, Vermont has been missing for over a week.  He has been missing since August 27, 2011.

He was last seen leaving his home on Marlboro Road in West Brattleboro.  Later that afternoon a note was found saying he was going out and would be back later.  He was suppose to be meeting his girlfriend.

Authorities are treating this case as a missing persons, and not a runaway, as is usually the case with missing teens.

A search party has been ongoing since August 27th and will continue through September 11.  The search is concentrating locally and they are searching trails with ATV.  Abandoned buildings have also been searched.

If you have any information you can leave it anonymously here or at one of the information boxes setup in Brattleboro, or call 802-257-7946.

Marble Arvidson

If you would like to help in the search you can meet at the parking lot of the Chelsea Royal Diner.  They also need help putting up flyers as the rain destroyed many of them and they need new ones put up.

Marble is 6’2″, 165 pounds, blond shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, fair complexion.

Marble’s website
Click here to watch videos taken shortly after Marble went missing.

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