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Boyfriend of missing girl gets probation for killing cats

UPDATE April 2021 – Kylr Yust was found guilty for voluntary manslaughter in the death of Kopetsky and guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Runions..  His formal sentencing is set for June 7.

UPDATE 8/16/17 – Remains found in Cass County in April have been confirmed to belong to Kara Kopetsky.

“I have received both the mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA reports from the FBI for the unidentified skeleton recovered in Cass County.  Both reports indicate the remains are that of Kara Elise Kopetsky,” said Diane C. Peterson the MD Jackson County Chief Medical Examiner.

UPDATE Sept 2016, Kylr was ordered back to prison for the weekend for a probation violation from his stint in prison in 2013 for the drug trafficking charge.

UPDATE Nov. 26 2013: 

Kylr Yust was sentenced for a drug trafficking conviction.  Yust was convicted of receiving designer drugs in the mail with the intent to sell or distribute.  Yust told the judge, “Eat a steak for me,” when the judge asked him if he had anything to say before being sentenced.

Original story:

As you know, every now and then I get away from reporting facts and tell you how I really feel when something chaps my ass, and I tell you this one really does.  What the hell was Judge thinking on this case?

Kara Kopetsky

9/10/16 – Boyfriend may be involved with the disappearance of another woman.

Let me start from the beginning.  I want to tell you about Kara Kopetsky and her “kinda” boyfriend, Kylr Yurst.   One day, in 2007, Kara was a teen going to high school in Belton, Missouri and the next day she disappears and has not been seen since.  Just before she disappeared she was “allegedly” having trouble with Kylr choking her and thumping on her, so she got a restraining order against him.  Belton Police said just six days before Kara’s disappearance, they arrested Yust for assaulting the missing teen.  Kara even told her mother that Kylr had threatened to kill her and said he knew where there were pigs that would eat anything including bones.  Before the restraining order was granted, Kara disappeared.

Kylr goes on with his life.  In 2010, he is in Cass County jail and then when he gets out he meets up with another young woman.  On July 23, Kylr is arrested for domestic abuse in Kansas City, towards this young woman.  According to her, Kylr would choke her (sound familiar) and then punch her legs to keep her from passing out.  He even told her that he had killed before.

“I’ve killed people before, even ex-girlfriends out of sheer jealousy.  I will kill you,” allegedly Kylr said to her.  He also told her, he knew of pigs that would eat anything, including bones.  Wow, where have we heard that before?

Along with being arrested for domestic abuse, he was also accused for killing the girlfriends three cats.


On Tuesday,  Kylr, who is now 22, was in court for those abuse charges and killing the cats.  He actually plead guilty to the charges.

So, I am thinking, finally, they are going to lock this lunatic in jail for awhile.  The Judge will see he’s a ticking time bomb, but instead Kylr gets no jail time.

He walks and receives a tap on the butt, with two years of supervised probation and he must attend an abuse-prevention course.  Really Judge?  You think that anger management classes, will solve this mess.  That’s like making a serial killer take cooking classes.  What’s the point?  It isn’t going to change a thing.  You’re not going to get through to a guy that is missing a vowel in his name.

In all fairness, Kylr said he did take a lie detector test when Kara disappeared and the police said he passed it AND he had an alibi, but, how can we be so sure with a guy that has a tattoo that says, “There is no truth”?

Kylr Yust

“The cops have already done a lie-detector test and, if you want, ask them about that record,” said Kylr.  I guess we have to take his word for it.  (Update:  Please see comment below).

What does inconclusive mean on a polygraph test?

If my ranting does nothing more than warn every young woman in Belton to stay the heck away from Kylr, I will be happy.  So here’s my open letter:

Dear young woman of Belton, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri :

Three cats are dead by the hands of Kylr Yust, (by his own admittance).  That we know for sure, and that should be enough of a reason for you to stay away from him.   So, if you are even considering on dating him, which means you will have to overlook the fact that he beat up his last girlfriend and the one before has disappeared, and that he has been in and out of jail numerous times, don’t overlook the fact that he kills cats.  That should be a deal breaker.  Who would want to date a cat killer, anyway?



Here’s is Kylr’s Facebook page.  That one is gone.

UPDATE May 1, 2016 –  Try this one.  Looks like he got out of jail as of February.

UPDATE:    11/2/13 –

Yurst was just sentenced to 4 years for drug distribution.

NBC Action News

katelynfarrisKatelynn Farris, another one of Kylr’s ex-girlfriends stated:

“He basically opened up to me and told me that they had been dating and that he really did love her and she basically explained to him that she didn’t want to be with him anymore, and he said he kind of just freaked out,” said Farris, reports Crime Watch Daily. “Things got a little physical and the next thing he knew is she wasn’t breathing.”

Katelynn has also told the above story to Kara’s family and the authorities.

Because police don’t have a body or physical evidence linking anyone to any crime there hands are tied to arrest anyone.  Right now no matter how much hearsay circles the town and the internet, it won’t be till Kara is found or the person does something again, before the police will be able arrest anyone.


This photo on Kylr’s Facebook page says, “It isn’t hard to find if you open your eyes.”

kylr4Kylr’s photo posted on his Facebook page on August 2016.


5 thoughts on “Boyfriend of missing girl gets probation for killing cats

  1. Actually, he didn't really pass his lie detector test. He passed “portions” of the test and the rest of the test was “inconclusive.”

    It wouldn't matter if he passed a lie detector test anyway, since they cannot be used to prove anything. What DOES matter however, is that this piece of sh*t abused kara and even abducted her from her job a few days before she disappeared. THEN he beats the crap out of his new girlfriend who is 6 months pregnant with his child. He tells her he's killed girlfriends in the past and makes her watch as he MURDERS her cats! Then, of course, she miscarries the child. THIS is what matters. Lie detectors be d*mned!

    You have GOT to be the biggest cowardly p*ssy on earth to beat on women and animals. HEY KYLR, why don't you beat on someone you're own size?! Oh that's right. You're too big a p*ssy chicken sh*t to do anything but beat on girls and cats!

  2. You're very welcome. Just clarifying his LIES. I hope no girl believes them. Keep up the great work.

  3. I live in Raymore which is next to Belton MO. I have no faith in the Beltons police department or our DA for not looking harder at this kid. Every day I pass signs begging for info so that her parents can lay this beautiful child to rest and it breaks my heart. If you read all the reports on this monster you will see that he is a drunk and drunks do not keep their mouths shut! Someone knows something!!! I pray everyday that the person who does know something, God will put a burden on their life to come forward with where she is. I also think that a little guy like that would need help disposing of the body maybe the police should really look at his alibi harder. I guess the thing I learned from all these stories in the progression of finding Kara is, sometimes you need to take care of things yourself!!

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