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Day: September 9, 2011

Shannon Smith: Body and truck of missing man found in New Braunfels

The body of the missing husband of Lisa Smith, 43, is believed to have been found, next to the truck he was seen driving. Lisa Smith was found stabbed to death on April 8, 2011.  Shannon Smith was last seen leaving the home that he shared with Lisa on the 300 block of Scenic Meadow […]

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Dave Brown: Missing skydiving instructor from Utah FOUND

Upate: The body of David Roy Brown has been recovered. A hiker came across David’s body in Kane Creek Canyon on Sunday. Although there was a intensive search for David in the days following his disappearance, he was never found.  The location where he was found was rugged terrain and could have been easily missed […]

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Billy Chamberlain: Missing Giants fan

Billy Chamberlain, 43, has been greeting the team members of the San Francisco Giants at the Second and King street entrance at AT&T Park for a long time and now he seems to be missing. Members of the Giants organization noticed that they had not seen Billy for over a month and contacted the police […]

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