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Jack the Cat and last nights black out.

It was a wild night in Southern California.  Many of you may have heard that Southern California, parts of Orange County, Arizona and Mexico did not have any electricity starting at around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday night.  The temperatures were well in the upper 90’s to 100’s in my area and going without ac is tough.  Luckily, everyone kept calm.  I was, I must admit, a little stressed because I was not able to get to my computer to update MP’s, and my cell phone would not work, because many cell phone towers were down.  I realized how unprepared I really was for it, as I tried to scrape peanut butter out of a jar to make sandwiches for dinner.

There was no grocery stores open, fast food or restaurants, because the cash registers wouldn’t work or they couldn’t cook any food.  There was no way to buy gas, go to the atm or bank, no way to run a fan to cool off with, no tv or even cell phones.  Top that off with city streets clogged with cars trying to get home.  What was usually a 20 minute commute turned in to 2 hours.

After retrieving my elderly mother from her home and plopping her in mine, for safe keeping, we tried to keep cool, even though it was in the 80’s at 9:00 p.m.  After a fretful toss and turn night, I was relieved when the lights came on, sooner than the experts predicted, early the following morning.

It was business as usual today and I saw many kids and some adults, got today off.  SDG&E thought they might not be able to get the electricity on till late Friday, so schools were closed, but they did an amazing job and were able to get it going again way sooner than that.

When I stopped to get milk at the store, as I had to throw mine out, I was surprised to see the local stores, out of milk and frozen items.   I realized that everything was spoiled for them, too.   I still have to purge my refrigerator, as experts suggest throwing away food after 4 hours of no electricity, and we were well past that.

Friday night is relatively calm and I will be closing up early tonight, to take advantage of the calm and catch up on my sleep, but before I go, I want to put the word out to anyone in the New York area to keep their eye out for Jack the Cat who is lost at JFKennedy Airport.  If you are traveling through there this weekend, or live near there, (there has been a report that he may have gotten outside) please keep your eye out for him.

The door of his carrier came open and he ran away, understandable so, and is “hopefully” somewhere in the airport.

Take a look at his picture, although you probably won’t need it because if you see any cat at the airport, it would be out of place.

Check out his Facebook page

I will catch you all in the morning.

Goodnight Jack, where ever you are.  I hope tomorrow is the day you are found!

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