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Blythe Hilliard: Missing woman from South Carolina Found

Update:  Florence Police Maj. Carlos Raines said that Blythe is safe and alive.

“She did not realize until Tuesday or some point late Monday night that she had been reported as a missing person,” Raines said. “She’s fine; she’s safe. I talked to her.”

Blythe Hilliard, 26, from Florence, South Carolina, was last seen at the Apple Annie’s Deli and Pub around midnight on September 10.

Blythe was last seen with a white male who she left Apple Annie’s with.

Blythe’s car is also missing, a 2006 Kia Spectra, 4-door, champagne-colored. The license plate number is AYD151. There are Grateful Dead and USC stickers in the back window.

There are tips that she may be with the man that has been identified as Jack or “Quatro”  Nichols, 34, and is 5’9″ tall with slender build and long reddish hair that goes past his shoulders and a full beard.

Blythe has not been seen since she left Annie’s and she did not show up for work on Monday morning.

Blythe has two children.

Find Blythe Hilliard Facebook Page.

4 thoughts on “Blythe Hilliard: Missing woman from South Carolina Found

  1. is home nd said she was trying to tke a vacation from her kids…. how aweful is that!

  2. What I read was her family said she was “ok and where she wanted to be”. She was NOT home. She left a job and two small children behind. New boyfriend it said.

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