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Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips: Sentence reduced for Sean Phillips

In their nine-page ruling released Friday, Oct. 23, 2015, three judges from the Michigan Court of Appeals concluded there was enough evidence of criminal intent to charge Sean Phillips with open murder in the death of Katherine Phillips.

Because Sean Phillips is the father of missing Baby Kate Phillips, he can not be charged with kidnapping under state law, and the kidnapping charges have been dropped.

Back in August, Sean’s attorney filed a motion to drop the charges because DNA test results show that Sean was Baby Kate’s father.  Instead of the possibility of getting a life sentence he is facing 15 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment and parental kidnapping.

He is to appear in court next Tuesday.

Just earlier today, I posted about John Skelton, whose three boys have been missing since late last year.  He also could not be charged with kidnapping, but he did plead guilty to unlawful imprisonment, which carried a 10-15 year prison term.

Read back story here about Katherine by putting in Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips in the search box above.

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