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Timothy Misner: Missing man from Oregon FOUND

Timothy Misner Missing FlyerUpdate: Sadly, Timothy Misner was found dead.  His abandoned truck was found at a park in Linn County.  Officials and search dogs did an extensive search until they found Timothy’s body.  He had left a note to the family.  The sheriff’s office says that Timothy was suffering from depression.

Timothy Misner has  been missing since September 13th.

He was last seen leaving his job at Hewlett Packard around noon on September 12th.

Timothy drives a blue 200 Toyota Tacoma pickup with license XDH466 and it is also missing.

No one has been able to reach Tim on his cell phone.  If you have any information or see him or his truck, please call the Corvallis Police Dept. at 541-766-6911.

Timothy Misner-
White Male Adult
5′ 7″ tall and 174lbs
Hazel Eyes, Light Brown Hair
Clean Shaven
Usually wears shorts.

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  1. I just found this while looking for Tim on facebook and I'm both shocked and saddened. Tim holds a special place in my heart from grade school and high school. I pray his family has found peace.

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