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Day: September 16, 2011

Should Robbie Romero’s mom recognize him?

UPDATE -The teenager claiming to be Robbie Romero is not the missing boy, after all, according to DNA results. Nineteen-year-old Robert Terrezas’ DNA did not match with Romero, who disappeared in June 2000 at age 7, police said. Evelyn and Ricky Romero remained unsure whether the teen was the little boy who went missing while […]

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Missing 2-year-old found tied up in closet, parents murdered

UPDATE: Demetrius Hunt, 42, is one of the victims and the toddler’s father. A missing two year old was found bound and gagged in a closet in his home where his parents were murdered. The authorities arrived at the scene of a triple homicide in Banning, California and found three adults.  The police knew there was a […]

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Susan Cox Powell: Police are continuing to dig

Update:  After three days, police on Saturday, have abandoned the site they were digging in after only uncovering charred wood. On Wednesday the police reported that dogs had alerted on an area in Topaz Mountain, and they had found human remains and then late Thursday the police are reported that there are no human remains.  […]

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Donnie Lee Payne: Missing from Tennessee

Donnie Lee Payne, 73, was last seen collecting aluminum cans by an apartment complex near Lowery Street in Cleveland, Tennessee three years ago on September 14, and he hasn’t been seen since. Donnie’s family believe that he is a victim of foul play and feels the police are not doing enough. “The next think you […]

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Body found in Black Forest identified

A few days ago, I posted about a body found in Black Forest, Colorado and the police have identified it as Jamie Essig, 30. Jamie had been reported missing on April 14 from Fountain, after she missed an appointment.  She was last seen on March 23 at a friend’s home on Candlestar Loop North in […]

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Karen Young and Randall Childs: Missing from Michigan

Crime Stoppers of Michigan have announced a $1,000 reward for information about missing Karen Young and Randall Childs. They were both seen in the 3000 block of Grand River near Rosa Parks in Detoit on June 7. Karen had been laid off from her Parks and Recreation Dept. job and Randall was a former dishwasher […]

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Robbie Romero: Teen says he is boy that vanished 10 years ago

Robbie Romero and Robbie Terrezas Update:  DNA results on Friday, proved that Robbie Terrezas is NOT Robbie Romero. Robbie Romero disappeared in 2000 from Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Bellamah neighborhood, as he was walking home from a friends house, and now a teen says he is that boy. Police talked with an 19-year-old, Robbie Terrezas […]

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Zahra Baker: Step mother pleads guilty for death of Zahra

Elisa Baker and note she wrote in prison Elisa Baker, 43,  has plead guilty to killing Zahra Baker, 10, who was reported missing on October 9.  Zahra’s prosthetic leg and upper arm bone were found on Christie Road and her torso and pelvic area were found on Dudley Shoals Road a mile away.  The rest […]

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