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Robbie Romero: Teen says he is boy that vanished 10 years ago

Robbie Romero and Robbie Terrezas

Update:  DNA results on Friday, proved that Robbie Terrezas is NOT Robbie Romero.

Robbie Romero disappeared in 2000 from Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Bellamah neighborhood, as he was walking home from a friends house, and now a teen says he is that boy.

Police talked with an 19-year-old, Robbie Terrezas who has been saying that he is Robbie.  Authorities are planning on giving him a DNA test.

The young man told police that he had been living in a Utah, but no details about who took him. 

The police do have some documents that match what the teen has been saying and did know some details that were significant to Robbie.

Police contact Robbie’s mother, Evelyn, and cautioned her to not get her hopes of.  They plan on monitoring the teen while waiting for the results of the test.

Back in 2000 Robbie’s brother, Ronnie was held as a person of interest.  He told the police that his brother was 60-feet deep, and failed three polygraph tests, but he was never charged.  Ronnie has since died of a heroin overdose.

When Robbie first went missing, Evelyn Romero blamed police for not working on the case fast enough.  Subsequently, a supervisor was demoted for not taking appropriate immediate action.

Meanwhile, Yolanda Armendariz, the mother of the teen, said her son is not Robbie Romero.  She says her son was born in Mexico and friends have called him Robbie Romero because he looks like the missing child.

More on this story as information comes in.

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