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Billy Chamberlain: Missing Giants fan found

Billy now, looking different than he did in August

I posted a story a few weeks back about a San Francisco Giants fan that seemed to have disappeared.  He was last seen in San Diego during the Giant’s visit.

Billy Chamberlain, 43, was always at the entrance of AT&T park for years to greet the team and then a couple of weeks ago he wasn’t anymore.

Billy lived on disability and almost became homeless until one of the park guards took him in, so it was even more of a mystery that he went missing.

Giant’s Manager, Bruce Bochy notified the police department about their VIP fan and the team began spreading the word about his disappearance.. 

Then yesterday, Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News found him, outside the LA Dodger Stadium.  What?  It seems the once loyal Giants fan has decided to move to LA.  No word if he is officially a Dodgers fan, now.

Billy said he moved there in August and he now stands near the Sunset Boulevard entrance to the stadium, still wearing his Giants hat and now carrying a sign that says, “Homeless, hungry.  Can you help, please?  God bless you.”

Billy says he knew people were looking for him and tried to get the word out that he was okay.  For now he is living on the streets and has no desire to sleep in a homeless shelter.

Bochy joked, “We’re still blaming our little skid on him for leaving.”

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